Leadership Development

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself, when you become a leader, success is all about growing others. (Jack Welsh)


How do you get more out of your people? More value, more vision, more of everything you need and is useful? How can you deploy your own talents and those of your team to support the business strategy? Tavernier & Van De Vijver provides you with practical and feasible solutions for leadership development, in the form of personal coaching and team coaching.

Based on our many years of experience, we help you to apply the human capital in your organisation towards a targeted, sustainable and profitable cooperation. Team members who are trained to engage in authentic communication and self-management feel happier. They become aware of and are able to use their own strength, and they see change and innovation as enriching, both personally and professionally. 

Assessment Centers

Organizations aren’t maximizing the potential of their workforce, but big benefits can ensue for organizations that do. (Accenture Institute for High Performance)

Styles vary. So do skills and motivations. The “effective leadership assessment & development centre” method gives you a better idea of the qualities of your leaders or those who aspire to a be leader. The method provides reliable results and has a high predictive value. It ensures a proper recruitment, in line with your organisation and a tailor-made, personal development programme.

Is your company planning any changes? The effective leadership assessment & development centre helps you to prepare for objective and effective internal mobility. It allows you to encourage the growth and personal development of your employees in the right way.