A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

John Maxwell

Veerle Van De Vijver

“I have broad interests and a strong drive for exploring matters, which has seen me gaining a lot of diverse professional experiences.

Both domestically and abroad, in service and production environments. Time and again, I came to the conclusion that every organisation is about people and the dynamics between those people.

My ambition? Providing added value to take people and organisations to the next level. With loads of passion, attention to specific results and a focus on quality."

Contact Veerle gsm: 0478 80 39 21

luc tavernier

“Aligning people and businesses in the best possible way requires a constant balancing act. My personal sources of inspiration? More authenticity, effectiveness, positive thinking and passion in the workplace.

As an HR consultant, business manager and general manager I have acquired a great deal of national and international experience, in various aspects of operational and strategic business operations. Getting a maximum return on your human capital: I believe this is the ultimate prerequisite for success. Shall we examine together how we can challenge each other to achieve this?"

contact Luc gsm: 0473 98 02 35