Executive Search

An effective leader shapes the future, makes things happen, engages today’s talent, builds the next generation and invests in himself and his people. (Dave Ullrich)


Tavernier & Van De Vijver always tries to find the best possible solution for your specific situation. Therefore, we first listen to what you have to say, allowing us to accurately map your organisation, corporate culture, strategy and objectives, but also your needs and expectations.Next, we help you in determining the candidate’s profile, the selection and the onboarding and integration process.

Careful listening, asking the right questions and taking specific action: that is the basis of our effective executive search. With your story in mind and thanks to our expertise in various sectors and functional domains, we have the necessary knowledge and contacts. Add to this your openness and our confidentiality and we have everything we need for a people partnership full of perspectives.


Board Search


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” (John Maxwell)


Companies are paying more and more attention to the selection of their board members. Rightly so. Having a professional Board of Directors with complementary profiles and  skills that fit into your organisation can give your company an effective push in the direction you want to go.

Do you need an adviser? Tavernier & Van De Vijver is your sounding board. We are independent and critical, but always constructive. With a clear profile in mind, we will work with you to find the most suitable board members. Board members who best serve your case.