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Is your business looking for personalised support in finding the right professional or for a way to provide the talent in your team with all possible opportunities?

There's no business like People Business. That is what we firmly believe at Tavernier & Van De Vijver. Our friendly approach provides an authentic response to today’s professional challenges. Companies that are following a specific course do not just find people for their organisation: they find the right people. Dedicated employees who perform effectively and are driven by their passion, positivism and authenticity.


Continuous changes are leading to greater pressure. If you create a framework for people to communicate and work together effectively, you will get the most out of your team. Effective leadership and a human-centred vision on work drive the urge for personal development and growth. In this way, you provide your own talent and that of your team members with all possible opportunities. 



Where people have room to work on their passion, energy is created and actions are taken. This results in better personal performance and it has a positive effect on other people.


Those who communicate and act with authenticity are automatically seen and heard by others. Authenticity is therefore a pre-condition for effective leadership. What is more, it drives change.


Transparency, openness and honesty lead to lasting relationships. When people can look each other in the eye, they recognise each other’s added value.

Positive thinking

Moving away from a problem-oriented focus to a positive outlook creates energy and opens up perspectives. By talking about things that are going well and that are possible, you realise how much you can still achieve.

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Executive Search

Recognising talent requires vision, experience and feeling for people. Together with you, we put the right professional on the right spot.

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Leadership Development

Leadership is all about humility and a strong sense of ownership. When you allow your organisation’s human capital to realise its own potential, nothing is impossible.

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